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Advantages and disadvantages of direct steam heating in the belt dryer

the direct steam heating method of the belt dryer of Changzhou yanjialong Drying Machinery Co., Ltd. also has the characteristics of a wide range of heating temperatures, which can generally be controlled between 45 - do not use too much force - 125 ℃. If the temperature continues to increase, it is not impossible, but the current domestic processing level seems to have great difficulties and risks for the manufacture of heating plates. On the other hand, the steam pressure provided by the equipment can not be too high, and the maximum temperature can reach 125 ℃, which basically meets the requirements of most users

compared with the other three heating methods, direct steam heating has a faster pre heating speed, which can shorten the preparation time before production. It is easy to understand. Secondly, this heating method has fewer external components, takes up less space, has a simple structure, and is convenient for maintenance, repair and maintenance

despite the great efforts made by the manufacturers engaged in the industry, in terms of temperature accuracy control, the steam direct plus Nike sustainable development report: last year, 75% of clothing and footwear used recyclable materials. The thermal method was still the worst among the four methods. This is because it belongs to gaseous heat medium, and there are too many uncertain factors involved in pressure control. In the production process, the vacuum belt dryer with steam heating mode often has an instantaneous temperature surge and sudden drop, which is difficult to accept for some materials with strict heating temperature requirements or appearance color requirements. 1. microcomputer controlled liquid crystal display

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