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Advantages and disadvantages of gravure preprinting characteristics

a. advantages of gravure preprinting

① the color cartons produced by gravure preprinting can obtain high-quality, green and environment-friendly ink prints

the ink volume of gravure printing is larger than that of other printing methods, and the ink color of gravure printing is full, the ink layer is thick, and there is a three-dimensional feeling; Bright colors, rich layers and high definition. Among various printing methods, the printing quality is the best and stable. The tension control system of gravure printing machine controls the stable operation of the machine, and the automatic chromatic control system can ensure that the overprint accuracy reaches 177,0.1mm. Gravure printing has sufficient drying after each color printing, and the printed matter is more firm

the number of printing lines after ordinary gravure printing can reach 200l/in. Even if the paper with high surface smoothness is used, gravure printing can obtain high printing quality. Pre printed water-based intaglio ink is used for printing, which is non-toxic and pollution-free, and meets the requirements of environmental protection. At present, the gravure printing paper and ink produced in China are mature and can withstand the requirements of high temperature of 200 ℃ and hot plate friction on the corrugated paper production line. Gravure printing can also be printed. At the same time, these data can be output through the RS232 port brush and coated with polish at one time

② the gravure preprint plate has high printing resistance and is suitable for large-scale printing production of cartons.

as the gravure plate is a steel chrome plated electro engraved gravure plate, the entire plate is protected by a hard metal chromium layer, so even if there is a scraper in the printing process, the plate still maintains a high printing resistance due to the recent sluggish contact of the experimental machine industry, which can generally reach 3-4 million prints, which is suitable for high-quality cartons Requirements for mass printing production

③ gravure pre printing is suitable for continuous pattern printing

offset printing wraps the prepared plate on the plate cylinder. Therefore, there is always an area on the plate roller surface for fixing the plate. Gravure plates are different. As gravure plates are made directly on the cylinder, as long as the images on the cylinder are seamlessly spliced, continuous patterns can be obtained on the substrate

④ corrugated boxes produced by gravure pre printing have higher strength

because the pre printing production of corrugated boxes is completed on the production line, there is a certain heating and forming time when making corrugated boxes, so the strength of corrugated boxes is higher than that obtained by the traditional method of veneering machine, which can avoid the damage to the strength of corrugated boxes caused by direct printing, and improve the strength and stamping strength of corrugated boxes

⑤ gravure pre printing has fast printing speed and high production efficiency.

because the pre printing method adopts web gravure printing machine printing or a more powerful sealing brush, there is a drying device after each color is printed, and the next process can be started without powder spraying, and the printing speed can reach 150m/min. In the process of high-speed gravure printing, a roll can be printed in a short time. The printing efficiency can be greatly improved by using the automatic roll changing device without stopping the machine to replace the roll. After printing, the corrugated board is made by the corrugated paper production line, which is much faster than the traditional veneering machine

b. deficiency of gravure pre printing:

gravure plate making is complex. The cycle of making a steel chrome plated electroengraving gravure cylinder is generally 5 ~ 10 days, and the price is high, which is 8 ~ 10 times that of flexible plate; Gravure printing technology is more complex, there are relatively many processes, and the investment of the whole production line is relatively large

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