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Advantages and disadvantages of different sprinkler systems

as one of the main machines of the filling production line, the cleaning rate of the belt pulling power screw and the screw with smooth oil will directly affect the quality of the finished beer. Because of this, the bottle washing machine has attracted more and more attention from beer manufacturers and equipment manufacturers. In recent years, its technology has been developing continuously, especially the spray system, which has three ways: reciprocating spray system, rotary spray system and mixed spray system

the application of rotary sprinkler system, reciprocating sprinkler system and mixed sprinkler system in different bottle washing machines is analyzed in detail from the aspects of structure and cleaning effect

I. reciprocating sprinkler system

the bottle washer basically adopts a reciprocating sprinkler system, which is mainly composed of a spray frame, a spray pipe, a drive cam, etc. The spray bar is fixed on the spray rack, which is placed on the steel ball, and the steel ball can roll in the guide rail. The power drives the arm shifting shaft through the cam to make the spray frame make periodic reciprocating motion in the horizontal direction

its most significant advantage is that the design of the cam ensures that the spray frame moves synchronously with the bottle within 2/3 of the cam movement cycle, spraying the bottle internally, and the remaining 1/3 of the cycle is used for return. At the same time, the outside of the bottle box is sprayed and cleaned. It ensures that most of the movement time of the spray system is in the working state, which is conducive to improving the cleaning rate

in practical application, the reciprocating sprinkler mechanism has exposed many shortcomings:

1 The reciprocating sprinkler system needs a set of special transmission system to drive the spray rack to make reciprocating motion, so the structure is complex. In addition, the design and processing of the transmission cam assume that the machine is in standby mode, and the change-over switch should be turned to the loading gear. Since the change-over switch is turned to the fast reverse gear, and the electromagnetic directional valve is constantly energized, it will affect the service life of the device, which is very difficult

2. When the nozzle is not aligned with the bottle nozzle due to excessive deformation or deviation of the chain in length, it is difficult to adjust. During on-site adjustment, the distribution pipe is often cut off, and the nozzle is forced to align with the bottle nozzle by changing its length

3. The noise produced by the reciprocating motion of the spray frame is large

II. Rotary sprinkler system

in view of the shortcomings of the reciprocating sprinkler system, many users will choose the rotary sprinkler system when using the double end bottle washer to wash new bottles or relatively clean bottles

in this system, the spray rack is fixed on the box, the spray bar is installed on the spray rack, and the spray bar rotates under the drive of the bottle box. During operation, the bottle box moving in a straight line drives the shift wheel to rotate, so that the nozzle rotates and the radial liquid flow generated is synchronized with the nozzle. In one cycle, the liquid flow rotates in the bottle, and the incident angle of the liquid flow changes constantly. Therefore, the cleaning effect of the product purchased by the cleaning user is better than that of the fixed water flow type

features of rotary sprinkler system:

1 Simple structure. The spray system does not need a special drive system, and the spray bar does not need a special nozzle

2. For each nozzle, the flow direction changes periodically. In the first half cycle, the liquid flow direction is from inside to outside; In the second half cycle, the liquid flow direction is from the outside to the inside. Therefore, the nozzle can be self-cleaning and is not easy to be blocked

3. The cleaning effect of rotary spray is better than that of fixed water flow. Since the liquid flow has no empty stroke, the water consumption of rotary spray is low when the same cleaning effect is produced

4. Each spray rack is independent and can be adjusted horizontally and axially in the horizontal plane. Therefore, if the nozzle is misaligned on site, it is easy to adjust

5. Because the spraying liquid contains many impurities (such as scale, label paper, sediment, etc.), it is very easy to cause nozzle blockage and seriously affect the spraying effect

III. mixed spray system

in view of the respective shortcomings of the rotary spray system and the reciprocating spray system and the situation of dirty bottles in China, Guangdong Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd. has developed a mixed spray system and successfully used it on a single end bottle washer. Its cleaning effect is remarkable and has been highly praised by users. The mixed spray system is a mixture of the rotary spray system and the reciprocating spray system, which combines the advantages of both. The reciprocating spray system is used in the alkali I of the single end bottle washer to avoid nozzle blockage caused by many impurities (such as scale, standard paper, sediment, etc.) in the spray liquid; In other areas, the rotary sprinkler system is used to give full play to the advantages of the rotary sprinkler system


from the above analysis, we can see that the rotary sprinkler system is simpler in structure and easier to install and maintain than the reciprocating sprinkler system, but the nozzle is easily blocked due to many impurities in the spray liquid; The mixed spray system is a combination of the two. The ideal cleaning effect can be obtained by using the advantages of the two in the single end bottle washing machine. Therefore, different spray systems should be selected according to the actual situation of different bottle washing machines and dirty bottles in various factories. (end)

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