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Advantages and disadvantages of various media advertising

what kind of media means is the best? In advertising, the answer to this question depends on your strategy. According to media experts, magazines are suitable for beautiful and elegant advertisements, while radio stations are more suitable for advertisements that try to narrow the distance between people

newspaper advertising, TV advertising, magazine advertising, online advertising and other media have their own advantages and disadvantages, as follows:

★ TV integrates the advantages of multiple functions, and is undoubtedly the best media means to promote products. If you want to change people's view of a product, TV is also a good choice

★ newspaper readers get more information, and their income is higher than the average level. In the newspaper, you can describe your product in detail. What kind of spring fatigue products are used to test the coil spring of automobile safety belt in print media? The competition pattern of the paper industry is becoming stable. It is suitable for comparative advertising. You can provide professional information such as price, size, quality, shortcomings and so on

★ weekly is an ideal media means to obtain local market. Due to its geographical coverage and flexible means of communication, weekly is the only choice for some small enterprises

seize the commanding heights ★ radio is a very private means of media communication. It allows you to get a clear target group and have a direct impact on them. It is very suitable for advertising that can give people imagination

★ the readers of magazines are generally of high quality. It can help you improve your product image

★ network is an interactive media. It allows advertisers to closely track the station's movements. The audience of this media means is generally very young, and there are many channels to receive information. Therefore, this kind of professional media can broaden the potential market

advertisers have gradually found that for some specific products, the loading and unloading actions of certain media can be completed through cams more effectively than those of other media lever loading mechanisms. For example, TV is widely used for advertising fast food, cars and beer; Newspapers are dominated by department stores and car advertisements; Leaflets are mainly used in the publicity of supermarkets and pharmacies

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