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The woman from house viewing to decoration was harassed by telephone for nine months - Beibu Gulf Morning Post reporter Li Jiakun

Xiao Jin bought a house in a community in Qinzhou City last March, and delivered the house in January this year. What she didn't expect was that in the nine months before the delivery of the house, she could receive calls or text messages from various decoration companies almost every few days; What makes her even more collapsed is that since the delivery of the house in January, the promotion of various household products such as putty, tiles, floors and furniture has also been found. She can receive ten harassing calls a day at most, which makes her very helpless

the reporter learned that on March 15 this year, the revised consumer protection law was implemented, and the biggest highlight of the "new consumer law" is the protection of consumers' personal information rights. Household industry operators who infringe on consumers' personal information rights will be fined less than 500000 yuan after being reported and verified

from house viewing to decoration

harassment calls have never stopped

Xiao Jin told reporters that since the house viewing last January, she has experienced a nightmare of telephone harassment. In order to choose a better house, she ran all over the real estate in Qinzhou City and left contact numbers in many real estate sales centers. However, the pain began with "leaving the phone". Every day, the house purchase call from the real estate sales center never stopped, which accelerated her idea of booking a house

in March last year, Xiaojin decided to buy a house in a community on Yangfan Avenue by comparing the road section and the quality of the house. She thought that the harassment calls would stop, but she didn't expect that in only three months, the phone (text message) of various decoration companies frequently came to "congratulate": "Hello! I'm a salesman of the decoration company. I heard that your house is going to be delivered recently. Are you ready for decoration?" "We have cooperation with decoration material stores of various brands in the decoration City, which can help you buy materials and save a lot of money!" "Do you need a home decoration designer to design for free?" This made her angry when she was usually docile. When she questioned the other party about how my personal information was leaked, the other party said it was the information obtained through secret channels, and she just acted according to the company's requirements. Facing the innocent salesperson, Xiao Jin finally had to choose silence

after the delivery of the house in January this year, Xiao Jin began the decoration journey. However, the joy that she had been looking forward to for nine months was once again broken by the sales calls of various household products. All kinds of sales calls such as putty, tiles, floors and furniture came together. What made her most collapsed was that four people called her continuously in a furniture city on Renmin Road during work hours or during breaks

by the time of publishing, 25 new home buyers (about a year) had participated in the survey, and the results showed that more than 90% of them had received sales calls. A citizen surveyed said that January this year was one month before the resumption of his new house in the urban area. Since then, decoration companies have been calling, and harassment calls have continued until now

no illegal gains from infringement

will also be fined less than 500000 yuan

it is understood that the revised consumer protection law will come into force on March 15. According to the provisions of Article 56 of the revised consumer protection law, "those who infringe on the personal dignity of consumers, infringe on the personal freedom of consumers, or infringe on the right of consumers' personal information to be protected according to law", "In addition to bearing the corresponding civil liability, if there are provisions in other relevant laws and regulations on the punishment authority and punishment method, the provisions of the laws and regulations shall prevail; if there are no provisions in the laws and regulations, the administrative department for Industry and commerce or other relevant administrative departments shall order correction, and may, according to the circumstances, impose a single or combined warning, confiscate the illegal income, impose a fine of not less than one time but not more than ten times the illegal income, and have no illegal place If obtained, a fine of less than 500000 yuan shall be imposed; If the circumstances are serious, it shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification and its business license shall be revoked. "

in addition, if the operator has the situation stipulated in the above "new consumer law", in addition to being punished in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, the punishment authority also records such person in the credit file and makes it public





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