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1、 Environmental protection materials ≠ Green home decoration

with the improvement of owners' awareness of environmental protection, green home decoration has become another hype gimmick in the home decoration industry. Most owners have some misunderstandings about green home decoration, and believe that material selection is the main link to achieve green home decoration, while the design, construction and other related links are often ignored

although each building material is a qualified product, the harmful gas released by all building materials in the whole set of rooms will produce a superposition effect, and the harmful gas generated by the superposition may exceed the standard. Therefore, a single building material purchase link cannot guarantee the overall green environmental protection of home decoration. Therefore, the correct and reasonable design is only the first step to achieve green home decoration, and the construction is also a link that cannot be ignored

second, the larger the floor ≠ The better

in terms of decoration effect, the paved small floor has many joints, which is messy and cramped, and the dirt at the joints is difficult to deal with, which is easy to breed bacteria, so large-size floors have become popular in the market. The general specification of ordinary floor is 12 cm × 90 cm, the specification of large-size floor can reach 14 cm × 180 cm, 2.3 times the area of ordinary wood floor

some owners blindly pursue large-scale and large-scale solid wood floors when purchasing floors. However, the larger the size of the floor, the greater the difference in internal and external tension and the degree of wet expansion and drying shrinkage. In contrast, large floors are more prone to deformation. Therefore, for general household, the smaller the wooden floor, the better, and the width should not exceed 10 cm

III. the wall tiles are thick and hard ≠ Durable

the thicker and harder wall tiles are generally processed from floor tiles. The strength and hardness of clay plus other chemical components are improved, but the water absorption is weakened. In this way, the adhesion with cement mortar becomes poor. The worst possibility is that after a day or two, there will be hollowing inside, and serious ones may fall off

it is best to choose glazed tiles for wall tiles, which have certain water absorption, and the length is generally not more than 60 cm. When buying wall tiles, you should first choose a trustworthy brand. The owner can drink a sip of water on the spot and spray water on the back of the brick. If the water is absorbed at once, it proves that the brick is too absorbent to choose. At the same time, before sticking wall tiles, soak the tiles in water for half an hour and dry the surface before putting them on the wall





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