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At the first sight of entering the door, I saw the red lattice door. The color of the lattice door is very red, which I like very much, reflecting the art of Chinese red and highlighting the unique momentum of several

Donghua art paint

meizai home accessories Museum

the Thai elephant ornaments at the entrance also spent a lot of effort in the online shop specializing in Thai ornaments, which took me a lot of effort

entering the lobby is the open dining room and living room. At a glance, it looks spacious and spacious

Bofei home decoration

the side of the old elm staircase is decorated with three thick carved drawing boards. In addition to decoration, The main function is to block the hollowed out position on the side of the stairs and act as the handrail of the stairs. At the same time, it can be matched with the decoration style of Chinese style + Southeast Asia + India to kill three birds with one stone

latitude space solid wood furniture

the bird on the table is from Bali. My name is my family. This is just an auspicious bird. I hope he can bring auspiciousness to our family.

Philips Lighting

red lattice door with antique brick walls, exotic small decorations and wood carving Buddha paintings, strong Chinese plot and exotic style

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