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During the peak season of home decoration, many owners are worried about what kind of decoration team to choose: roadside guerrillas look cheap; The brand company has strong construction ability and guaranteed quality and after-sales service. What kind of construction party to choose must be considered by the owner based on his own situation. No matter which way you choose, the worst thing is to encounter all kinds of troubles. We invite some of the owners who have been decorated to tell us their own stories and remind you to bypass these barriers that are easy to block the way

◆ the smuggling list is not worth the loss.

Mr. Huang, the owner: I found a medium-sized company when I decorated, but when I asked the price, it really exceeded my psychological expectation. Later, when I inquired, it was mainly because the company charged management fees and taxes. I told the designer who received me about my idea of being too expensive. The designer quietly told me that you can decorate without leaving the company. Give him the money. He is responsible for finding the construction team in the company, and he can also get low prices for main materials. I calculated that it would be 20000 yuan less than the regular quotation! Moreover, they are all from the same company, and the construction quality is not much worse. I negotiated with the designer, that's it

who knows, one year after the handover, our bathroom leaked, the ceiling also appeared cracks, and the foreman in charge of the construction and the designer could not be contacted. Find the company again, and the customer service replied that this was a private order. The company was not responsible, so it had to find a way by itself. As a result, I found someone to repair it myself, and spent nearly 10000 yuan. Thinking about the problem of warranty, I had to spend money myself. The smuggling bill really outweighed the gains

comments: greedy for small and cheap, easy to suffer losses

a large part of the private orders of the decoration company are what the owner wants to do cheaply and actively. As a result, the materials used in the project and the construction quality cannot be supervised and guaranteed by the company, and the quality basically depends on the consciousness of the construction team and the personality of the designer

the new version of Beijing home decoration contract released this year stipulates that Party A shall not privately determine the content of project changes with Party B's designers or construction personnel, otherwise Party B has the right to refuse to bear the corresponding responsibilities. This article clearly reminds the owner of the risk of private bills, and if there is such a situation, the home decoration company is exempt from liability, and if there is a problem, the owner needs to solve it by himself

of course, there is also a case that the owner is involuntarily paid by the owner. For example, if he has a good relationship with the foreman and designer, he will let them pay the project payment on his behalf. If these people put money into their own pockets and don't enter it into the company account, you will become a private bill. Remind the owners to keep in mind that any engineering changes and payment should be confirmed with the company

◆ small companies disappear, warranty contracts are difficult to cash

owner Mr. Li: a few years ago, I just came to Beijing to work, I am not familiar with my life, I bought a new house, and I don't know how to take care of it. When walking around the new house, I saw a not small building materials city. When I went in, there were many small gatekeepers who did decoration work. I found one called ×& times;& times; The decoration company also seemed to be formal. I inquired about the price. I didn't expect that the person who claimed to be the manager introduced it very well, and the quotation was also good. He also provided the design free of charge, and promised to sign a formal decoration contract with a two-year warranty. So he signed a text called "Beijing interior decoration contract" and began construction

the whole project was going well, but one year after the handover, the tiles in the kitchen fell off in a large area and could only be fixed with transparent glue. At this time, I remembered that it was said that the warranty was two years, so I found out the contract and went to the small company, but I found that the building was already empty and no one answered the phone. People in the building materials market told me that they are a small construction team and have long quit

comments: first examine the company's reputation

choosing a small company to decorate casually on the roadside may be as risky as choosing guerrilla construction. We have always reminded consumers to choose large-scale stores, brand companies and brand products with good reputation, because those that can be called brands must have passed the market test for many years and will not change places

there are also some identification methods for unknown small companies. First, you can go to the website of the Administration for Industry and commerce to verify their registration information, registered capital, business scope, enterprise credit, etc; Visit more construction sites and ask the owners about their real construction experience; It should also be reminded that the decoration contract in Beijing has an official fixed format text, the full name of which is "Beijing family room decoration project construction contract". The text clauses fully protect the rights and interests of the owners. Only by signing this formal contract, the rights and interests will not be damaged





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