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A few days ago, mesa windows and doors launched its first trip to the school of doors and windows. Mesa families from all over the country have benefited a lot from a two-day training course at Mesa headquarters and are at the forefront of mesa's cause

on April 10, 2014, mesa finally started its first trip to the school of doors and windows. All mesa families are very excited to prepare for and look forward to it, and warmly welcome the arrival of families from all over the country

all senior executives lined up to welcome the arrival of their families in front of the rising sun at seven o'clock, smiling and saying "good morning, family"

the senior executives of mesa headquarters lined up early to meet every family member who came.

the family members of the headquarters are having a daily morning meeting, and the family members participating in the training are neatly lined up into groups and lined up to join. At this moment, everyone has become a big family, a great energy, and is transmitting energy to the universe

all the family members participated in the morning meeting together

after the morning meeting, the family members of the headquarters began a day's work, and the family members participating in the training participated in the military training led by Captain Bai. All the family members resisted the fatigue caused by the fatigue of traveling and insisted on the training of military posture. At this moment, they said from their hearts, "mesa's family members, you are the best."

After the military training, Mr. Wang Tiankun, the manager of the engineering department, led the team to visit the factory. Along the way, the students followed the pace of manager Wang for fear of missing anything, and actively exchanged views. The sparks of thought generated a huge energy

visit the plant area

after visiting the plant area, Captain Bai led the team into the training room neatly and quietly, waiting for general manager Yang Jun to preside over the opening ceremony for everyone. General manager Yang elaborated in detail on the enterprise positioning, strategic planning, enterprise profile and enterprise culture, and believed that the students present would have a new impression of mesa

President Yang presided over the opening ceremony

the lecturer group is composed of Mr. Wang Wenguang, director of R & D, Mr. baoyubo, manager of marketing department, Miss Zeng Li, manager of sales management department, Mr. Wang Tiankun, manager of Engineering Department, Mr. Li Bingyong, production and operation manager, Mr. Zeng Qinglin, manager of production department, and Mr. Liu Shiqiang, manager of installation department

excellent lecturer group

during the two-day learning process, teaching is combined with fun. At the same time, various small games and mysterious lunch breaks are interspersed to relax your body and mind, study in happiness, and gain a lot after learning. In the last half day of study, we carried out group measurement and evaluation, hands-on practical operation, see the truth in action, and apply fresh theoretical knowledge to practice

all the students were divided into groups for measurement and evaluation

after two days of training, what everyone saw on their faces was not fatigue but a satisfied smile. Although one is to be the last one, this is not the final result. It is a new start to motivate oneself to move forward. Although the two groups are ranked first, it does not mean that the shopping malls will be so smooth in the future. There will be greater difficulties and competition on the way forward

members of the lecturer group thank the students

therefore, all students will be confident to run in the forefront for the cause of mesa, defeat competitors at one blow, highlight the characteristics of mesa, contribute to the realization of the new blueprint of mesa, and strive to make mesa become an industry leader




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